Monday, December 14, 2009

My Getaway Trip

This time last week, I was standing around holding some heavy books in one hand, fanning myself with a piece of paper in the other, wearing a wristband on my wrist, and waiting in a store full of people to meet Pioneer Woman.

It was awesome.

I packed my things and left for Atlanta Monday morning. I made a stop or two on the way down, including an outlet mall that I had always stared at longingly every time we passed it, but I'd never stopped there. I went in every single store I wanted to and looked at everything I wanted to without interruption. Ahhhh....

I checked into a hotel and dropped off my bags, then it was out the door to find the bookstore for the signing and some dinner. I was over 2 hours early, so I browsed through the Target across the street, grabbed a hot dog from the snack bar, and made my leisurely way over to the bookstore.

Where the parking lot was packed.

Seriously??? It was still 1.5 hours until the signing started. I parked on a lower level and went in the bookstore to discover that they had moved the signing up and I was getting there exactly when it started. Oy. I got my book, got a wristband, and headed upstairs to find a very disorganized "line" and soon Pioneer Woman walked in with her sister, her friend Hyacinth, and some employees acting as security. With all the flashbulbs going off, you would've thought we were the paparazzi.

I soon had the wristband system figured out and discovered that as a Green-B, I was near the top of the list, but there were a TON of people in the first category and it was 4 hours before I actually got my book signed.

Since there was no "line" until your category was called, everyone sat or walked around. They were browsing and knitting and feeding their children. I found a book and read all but the last few pages before I was called to go get in the "official" line. It was fun talking to different people and getting to know some of the others brave enough to come out to the signing.

At last, I was there.

And Ree is as gracious in person as she is on her blog. We had just a couple of minutes to talk as she signed and she loved my excuse that it was a business trip. Then I was shuffled over to another table to pick up a t-shirt (they only had mediums) and I got to talk to Betsy and Hyacinth for a little bit. They are just as awesome as Ree and I had a fabulous time doing the book signing.

I made it downstairs just before they closed the registers at 10pm to check out a couple of Christmas gifts, then I headed out in search of somewhere I could get a drink and snacks. I finally found a CVS and loaded up on some choice gourmet selections and drove back to my hotel to do this.

That's what I consider a perfect quiet night alone.

I actually went to bed shortly after midnight, got up fairly early Tuesday morning and checked out to start meandering my way back toward home. The first stop was for a little breakfast at my friend's new shop, Dutch Monkey Doughnuts. And they were awesome!!

If you ever find yourself near Cumming, GA, go see Arpana and her husband Martin and their awesome doughnut shop. Order one of everything on the menu and you will be so happy you did.

A couple more quick stops rounded everything out and I made it home where I was glad to see my kids, the puppy, and especially Mr. at Home. I had a wonderful time alone, but I was happy to be home.

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