Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stuff that makes me happy

Every once in awhile, I just have to tell you about the cool stuff I've found that just makes me happy.

1. My iPhone. Because it facilitates other things that make me happy. Like #2 and #3.

2. Sony Universal iPod iTouch & iPhone dock. Mr. at Home listened when I told him what I wanted for Mother's Day and came home with this. It is AWESOME. It's an ultra full-functioned alarm clock that I can plug my iPhone into at night. I set it to the ambient station on Pandora (more on that later) and set the sleep timer. I go to sleep with quiet soothing music and wake up to the alarm playing my iPhone playlist. It even charges my iPhone.

3. Pandora internet radio. It's the ultimate in radio music. You can create custom stations by entering artists or songs you like and it picks other songs based on what you entered. Then you can approve or ditch individual songs and it learns from your selections. I have finally created a country station that doesn't play anything that I don't want my kids to hear. I have the Pandora plug-in on my iPhone so I can listen using my speaker dock (see #2) or my earphones.

4. Sitting in Panera writing this post while drinking chai tea latte, eating chocolate chip cookies, and listening to Pandora over my earphones. I love that my awesome husband gave me the night off!

Hummm, it smells like something got burned. At least it's in their oven and not mine!


Valerie said...

Sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

You listed three of the many reasons why you're my favorite sister-in-law!
1. iPhone;
2. Pandora Radio;
3. Panera Bread.