Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy day ahead

We're ging on vacation!! It's funny to hear how anxious we all are to just. get. going already. The girls have been done with school for weeks, Mom has been retired for 2 weeks, Dad is finishing out his last obligations and he's finally done, and Mr. at Home has been having a busy, stressful few months at work. We're all ready to GO somewhere!

Of course, as with any trip, there's a lot of work that has to be done beforehand. I've been busy with it, but it's not finished. My parents will be here sometime today and I do have to have a few more things done by then. Like...

Finish cleaning the house. It's halfway done and thankfully it's the worst half that's already done (the bathrooms included!). I've just got to finish.

Laundry. Again, it's a little over halfway done. We're packing for vacation and everyone needs plenty of clean clothes.

Ironing. Some of those clothes I did wash are *wrinkly* and there are a few things that need a quick touch. It won't take long, but it just needs to go on the list.

Errands. One box to mail. One list to make. One or two stores to visit. There are a few things we need before we leave, but I've already told my mom that we'll just buy most of the food down at the beach since there's a Wal-Mart nearby and not worry about hauling it.

Pull out all the camping stuff and get everything we need organized in the garage so it can be packed into the trailer and cars.

Humm, the list looks pretty short and manageable when I write it out. Of course, it always takes me twice as long to get stuff done as I think it will, so I'm off to get working. Don't worry, I think there's wi-fi at our campsite and hopefully I can post some pictures from our trip.

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