Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A letter to my youngest

Dear L,

When I tell you to do something, there is a very good reason for it. I am not doing it to hear my own voice, to revel in my power over you, to be mean, to ruin your fun, or any other reason than to teach you to be a productive member of society. Most of the time, my instructions are to keep you alive and healthy so you can actually stick around here on this earth long enough to BE a productive member of society.

When I tell you 40 separate times to stay away from the heavily loaded shopping cart, I have your safety in mind.

When I kindly explain that I cannot stop the heavily loaded shopping cart quickly and you could get run over, I have your safety in mind.

When you then step in front of the heavily loaded shopping cart and it runs over your foot, I am not going to feel real sorry for you.

It's a very painful lesson and I tried to save you from having to learn from experience, but if you insist on learning it the hard way, don't come crying to me. I will check to make sure you are not seriously injured then I will tell you, "I told you so", in spite of nasty looks from various other shoppers.

On a similar note, if I warn you to stay out of my way when I am carrying in large boxes of heavy groceries, you would do well to heed my warning. If you race in front of me and bend down in the doorway, I will not be able to see you or stop in time. I will proceed to walk right over you. When you cry, I will again check to make sure you are not seriously injured, and then I will leave you to get over it.

Hoping that maybe this time, you will learn that obedience is truly in your best interest.

With love,


Heather said...

Uh, oh-sounds like Lydia;s been a bad girl.
Some people need to prove warnings wrong-or right in these cases.

Valerie said...

I totally understand you and I love this letter. I know you didn't come by it easily but I love this post. Maybe it's because I can relate to it so well!