Monday, June 29, 2009

I forgot that I was going to post a few pictures

I exported a few pictures of our beach trip for your enjoyment. Then I forgot to include them in my last post.

Here's a picture of Mr. at Home playing in the sand with our youngest. Notice his hat. I made it.

Our friends loaned us a couple of boogie boards. We've never bought any on our previous trips to the beach and never knew that we were missing out on the most fun thing ever to do at the beach. K was instantly smitten with them.

L took a little longer to warm up to the idea, but it was the one thing that tempted her away from the sand and into the water. Granted it was only about 3 inches of water, but it was enough to thrill her.

Remember that hat I mentioned that I made for Mr. at Home? His was actually hat #5 of my sunhat making ventures before the trip. Here are the first 4.

I found a pattern, picked the pink paisley fabric, and set out to make a hat for myself. It turned out a smidge too small, but it looked fabulous, so I decided to go ahead and make one for everyone. I reserved the first hat for my mom and we went back to the fabric store where the girls and I picked out our own fabric. My second attempt at making a hat for me ended up too big, so I added a bow to the back to take up some of the slack. Mr. at Home was impressed with the hats and asked for one for himself. Except flat on top. And oval shaped. And out of canvas. So I altered the pattern and made him a bucket hat, which turned out awesome enough that he wore it all week.

I love craft projects that actually work!

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