Friday, April 3, 2009

We have a new daughter

I'd like to introduce you to our new daughter!

Her name is Kate.

She loves fancy dresses, especially if they make her look "more mature", and high-heeled shoes.

Her blond/brown/red hair is carefully combed into a short hair-do with bangs because she wants to hide her high forehead.

She's 8, going on 18.

I know she kinda looks like our oldest that I gave birth to, but that little girl disappeared in a cloud of smoke today and this new girl appeared.

In one day, she

1. Changed her hairstyle to cover up something about her looks she doesn't like.

2. Decided that more grown-up dresses were exactly her style.

3. Picked out church sandals with "high heels" and a more grown-up look.

4. Changed her name from her full name that she had always insisted on to the shorter nickname she always professed to hate.

K has always been rather a tomboy preferring boy-style shirts and shorts. She refused to wear dresses or bows, often picked the "boy" toy for her Happy Meal, and chose sports over dance. Of course, her favorite color has always been pink and she does have a lot of girly traits, but they never stood out.

Until today.

Today was one of those days when I blinked and my little girl is suddenly becoming a young lady. Am I ready for this?

And there are further ramifications of this transformation besides the fact that I have to re-do the personalized pin I made to wear to K's softball games. As a result of K's gushing over the grown-uppishness of high-heeled shoes, the youngest is now insisting that her church sandals also have high-heels.

Lord, help us all.


Valerie said...

lol Enjoy this time it goes so fast. You brought back memories of my daughter when she started changing and wanting to dress "her way". We have never agreed on clothing since. lol

Valerie said...

This must be an all Valerie comment section today!! =)

My daughter is changing too and wanting more and more girlie stuff. Not only do I see $$$ floating away, I also feel **sniff** that she's growing up too fast. When will we get to see pics of the new Kate??

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's nice to know other mamas feel the same way.

Valerie said...

LOL Good one. I haven't changed my name yet, but I have told them that I don't understand whinese (whining) and if they want to talk to me they need to speak normally. =)