Thursday, April 30, 2009

A tiny kitchen makeover

I've been reading some blogs that have recently posted some awesome kitchen makeovers. Check out my friend Emily's chic style and her friend's retro culinary paradise. Since we just moved in here late last year, I don't think Mr. at Home would be too thrilled if I proposed painting the cabinets, pulling off the doors, and moving walls.

My kitchen makeover is a very simple change in the decor. I had a half-hearted rooster thing going in there before with dark-toned reds and oranges. Then I saw this one day at Cracker Barrel.

And a new idea was planted. Then it sprouted and grew and before I knew it, I found myself stealing my mom's bluebird birdhouse and making another trip to the CB. And Ikea. Because if I was working on the kitchen, I needed to do the attached "breakfast nook" that I had just turned into a craft room.

First the craft room.

I already had a large cabinet to hold most of the craft supplies, some bulletin boards, and a black card table. I needed chairs to go round the little table and I figured I could just look at getting some from Goodwill. Then I found these cute stools for way cheap at Ikea and we went with those. Then I decided that using the bar and hook systems would be a great way to keep the most used tools in easy reach. I mixed and matched what I liked and ended up with this little thing that helps the girls put things BACK where they belong because it's convenient.

This little space makes a great craft room and I don't have to worry about the girls messing up the dining room table.

Just inside of this craft room is the kitchen. The kitchen has dark wood cabinets, black granite countertops, and dark wood floors. It's beautiful, but it's dark and the dark colors I was using before to decorate it just didn't help any.

So in comes the bluebirds. Bright, retro-feeling bluebirds that make me happy whenever I see them. How can anyone not be happy when they see this?

The birdhouse hanging from the ceiling is from my mom. I have always loved it and make a joke about stealing it the last time I was out there. The next thing I knew, she had brought it inside and stuck it in the dishwasher for me to take home. Doesn't it look lovely here, Mom? I got the plate from Cracker Barrel and the frames from Ikea. One is filled with potpourri. For the other, I went out and bought the girls shirts to match the style and color scheme of the kitchen and took the picture. Now THAT is dedication to a theme!

To carry through the Ikea thing, I have this hanging near my stove.

I love the little spice rack and the plant. Thinking that it needed just one more touch, I added a little bow and a tiny bluebird.

It's amazing how the small changes can make such a big difference. And if you see the rest of the bluebird accessories go on sale at Cracker Barrel, let me know. There's a couple more things that would look awesome in here.

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