Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom's Night Out

Mr. at Home was out of town on back-to-back business trips for most of the past two weeks. He very rarely travels, so it's weird to have him gone. Since he mostly works from home, it's really weird to have him gone.

Then I spent the entire time he was gone sick. Cold. Sinus infection. Grossness galore. If I wasn't laid up in bed, I was wishing I was.

And we had a busy school schedule with lots of work plus our yearly standardized testing.

And K's softball schedule kicked it up a notch with 5 games and one practice.

And our neighborhood social committee was deep in the trenches preparing for the first ever block party.

It was a busy two weeks.

I'm happy to say that Mr. at Home is now back at home, K's softball team is still undefeated, the block party was a smashing success, the testing went well, and after a trip to the Doc-in-a-Box and some antibiotics, I am feeling much better. But even Mama has her limits.

Tonight I asked for the night off and Mr. at Home graciously agreed. Perhaps because of the hissy fit I threw before lunch. That's generally a pretty good indicator that I have reached the end of my fuse.

I got into my exceptionally clean car (that's what I did today) and took myself off for a night of beautiful aloneness.

I drove to the mall where I went into JCP and found a skort that fits well for half price. And yes, I have been looking for one for weeks.

I walked through the mall, stopped at a kiosk, and found a cute stylish new cover for my iPhone. Again, something I've wanted for awhile. As a bonus, it even matches my purse.

I had a long conversation with my mom without the constant background noise of two little girls begging to talk to Grandma.

I bought a People Country magazine and read it in peace while enjoying a yummy dinner from *1* food place instead of visiting three to satisfy everyone's tastes.

I drove to the craft store where I wandered the aisles in peace, looking at whatever I wanted to look at. I came out with stuff to make a wreath for our front door since I don't have a seasonal door hanger for spring anymore.

It was a perfect Mom's Night Out.

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Nancy said...

I'm sorry you've been sick - but glad you got a night out!

And you made the most of your time: shopping, a good read, conversation, food, time in solitude - good times!