Monday, November 24, 2008

What I "did not" do

MckMama, another cool blogger I recently found, does this thing every Monday where you confess all the things that you don't admit to doing. Things that of course you would never do. Today I figured I'd play along, so you get to hear about a few of the things I did(n't) do recently.

I didn't write a blog post about my fantasy to own a cool sports car and call myself a "Muscle Car Mama". Cause that would be just goofy.

I didn't yell at L in front of the body shop guy because she spilled 85% of a full cup of chai tea all over the car as we were getting out then splattered the remaining 15% of the tea all over his office floor.

I didn't spend all weekend playing Rockband and crocheting, letting all the housework continue to pile up.

And I didn't seriously consider adopting another child when someone posted this information. These kids are in desperate need of a home and soon. Take a look at the information and forward it to anyone you know who might be interested.

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