Saturday, November 22, 2008

Better dust off those musical talents

If you're planning on hanging with my family around Christmas, you'd better come prepared with your A game. We're headed to Texas and we're packing clothes, presents, and Rockband2.

My parents are cringing as they read this. That or they're saying, "What the heck is Rockband 2?" and then they'll cringe.

Dad, remember when you promised to revenge all those years of listening to me practice my drum by buying my daughter one? Well, we did it to ourselves. Plus a guitar. And a microphone. And we'll probably buy a bass guitar before we load it all in the car next month. The best thing is that all these instruments are electronic and completely volume adjustable - yeah, baby!! It's a video game with wireless instruments that you use to "play in a band" in your living room. It's a party in a box! Don't worry, I predict you'll see a whole lot more of the scattered family members when they can hang out in your living room and live out their wildest fantasies of being a rock star. The problem might be kicking them out to go to bed.

Won't Christmas be fun?!

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