Monday, November 24, 2008

This mid-life crisis brought to you by Enterprise

Did I happen to mention that last Sunday our car was rear-ended? It was. On the way to church, no less. There wasn't much visible damage, but it seems that the other car did a lot of damage underneath the bumper. The claimed they didn't see my big red mini-van. I'll grant that the light shines blindingly over that hill, but still. My van is big! and red!

After a week of calls and dragging the van to shop and adjuster, I finally got to drop it off at the dealership body shop this morning. Have I mentioned how much I love the dealership where I bought my car? Honestly, how many people can say that? I love the service department at both locations and I've never dealt with nicer people. The body shop manager and his wife are raising the children of two different relatives because they couldn't sit back and watch those kids live in the horrible situations they were in before. These are good people.

The Enterprise guy came and picked me up and took L and I back to their office. He brought a nice little sedan, then offered to upgrade me to a minivan for $5/day. I hemmed and hawed and decided that no, the sedan would work fine for us. As he typed away, I looked out at the sedan and noticed that there were two Chargers parked next to it. dream car. I turned back around and asked the guy in jest what it would cost to get a Charger. $2/day.

No freakin' way!

So I've gone from Minivan Mama to Muscle Car Mama. I cruised in that black beauty all the way through Sonic and to dance class, because a cool car doesn't get you out of mom duties. I must point out that it does make those mom duties a little more exciting, though, and it's making Mr. at Home green with envy.

I have to give the Charger back at the end of week and it'll be a sad moment, I fear. It might even send me over the edge. So if my next post is how I traded in my faithful minivan for a muscle car, got a tattoo, and dyed my hair pink, you'll know who to blame.

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