Friday, November 5, 2010

A quick catch-up because life is CRAMMED FULL

Today I've made 2 batches of fudge, 23 bags of orange/lemon slices in little round bags tied with curly pipe cleaners to look like pumpkins, and a large pot of beef and barley soup. I've also cleaned the kitchen, started some laundry, reminded my children of various tasks that needed to be done, and gotten them involved in all the cooking, baking, organizing, and cleaning.

And it's only lunchtime.

This afternoon will be filled with slicing and bagging fudge, supervising K as she makes cookies, getting the girls dressed and ready, dropping everything off for tomorrow's bake sale to raise money for L's dance team, grabbing dinner on the road, then traveling across town for K's softball tournament game.

So if you wonder why I haven't posted on the ol' blog lately, most of my days have been like today. Tomorrow is (potentially) 2 games and a bake sale and Sunday is (potentially) 2 more games. It's the league championship tournament and K's team will play until they lose. It occurred to me about 1 hour ago that I am out of time to finish my cleaning/laundry/packing for our vacation.

Because after a fall of craziness, we are leaving Monday for vacation, but even that has been in flux.

The plan *was* that my parents would drive out here and spend a week or so watching THE RANGERS play the World Series, watching K play softball, and enjoying the beautiful fall leaves. Then my dad's brother contracted a serious case of pneumonia+strep+a lifetime of poor health. He was in a nursing home and my dad is the one who takes care of him, so he stayed home to deal with that and my mom flew out here alone. The plan then became whenever my uncle was doing well enough, my dad would join us.

We spent a week enjoying Grandma, but my uncle's situation quickly went downhill and my mom flew home. My uncle passed away Thursday afternoon. Because of our commitments here and the fact that the whole main reason for the trip to Florida is to return our guide dog puppy to school, we can't make the trip to Texas for the funeral. I hate that, especially for my dad's sake.

I'm still hoping things will settle down there at home and my parents can still meet us in Florida for part of the trip. I know they were really looking forward to doing Universal and Disney with the girls and the girls were excited about them being there. Hopefully, that will still work out. I think they need a some relaxation and laughter just as much as we do.

I think the washer is finished and I've got more clothes to wash. And fudge to slice. And an oil change to get. And...and...and...

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