Saturday, November 6, 2010

Because my bed is comfy

I really should be getting a shower right now, but it's just too cozy sitting underneath my special gray blanket to get up and get things done. So I decided to write another blog post instead.

So far my to do list is getting done. Yesterday, we got everything ready and L and I dropped it all off for the bake sale and got the oil changed in preparation for our vacation. We made it across town, arriving just in time for K's game and we watched as the girls pulled out an awesome win just before the rain arrived.

This morning I dragged L out of bed and we all dressed in our warm clothes again and trekked back across town for more tournament games. When we arrived at the field at 9am, it was 39 degrees.

39. degrees.

My TX/NC blood is just not thick enough for 39 degrees. We were bundled up in plenty of layers and hats, but it was still cold. Even the dog required a blanket on the ground before she would lay down.

K's team dropped behind early in the game, but they managed to heat up the bats and came out swinging during the last inning. We won 7-6. Our awesome coach and his wife provided sandwiches for the team and families so we got to stay at the fields together and keep everyone's excitement going, because we had to play a fresh team at 1pm.

I think our girls were excited because it was slightly warmer for the second game while the other team just thought it was miserably cold. Out of our 11 players, 9 hit the ball their first time out and our pitchers were locked in. It was an exciting win.

We had just enough time to drop Daddy, K, and the dog off at home before L and I headed back out to a bake sale for her dance team. Another 2 hours in the cold, but we did get to know some of the other dancers and moms. And when we got home, dinner was waiting for us.

So far tonight, I've got the kitchen cleaned (it is officially closed until after vacation) and most of the laundry done. Tomorrow is church, then at least 1, possibly 2 softball games, then back home to frantically pack and clean. I don't really mind having to get everything done tomorrow night. I'm just so happy that our softball team is playing so well. The championship game(or games since it's double-elimination and we have to beat the winner's bracket team twice to get 1st place) tomorrow is against another team from our own association. Most of the girls are friends and have played with each other or for one of the other coaches before. They've all been dreading the possibility of having to face and beat their friends for the championship. But whoever wins tomorrow, all the girls have just been fantastic and our association will have the 1st and 2nd place teams in the league.

And then we'll be headed to sunny Florida so I can finally thaw out!

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