Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Bible study applies to your hair

The girls and I spend every Thursday morning at Community Bible Study (CBS). It's our 4th year and the girls are a major reason we sign up again each year. They LOVE going. Our study this year is on the servants of God and today we finished up the book of Joshua. He gave a speech for all of Israel just before he died in which he says, "But just as every good promise of the LORD your God has come true, so the LORD will bring on you all the evil he has threatened..." (Joshua 23:15). Something to remember.

This morning, L came in and asked if I would fix her hair for CBS. I started brushing it and noticed something. The front section on her right was significantly shorter than it had been the last time I looked at it.

L has an obsession with cutting her own hair. The year she turned 3, she cut her hair 3 times until I finally shaved it into a pixie. She grew it out long and then cut some of her bangs almost to the hairline. At that time, I warned her that if she ever cut her own hair again, I would give her a haircut. Her long hair was her pride and joy, probably because she had to wear that pixie cut. She loved how it hung way down her back. Her love for it, however, was just not enough to convince her to keep her scissors away from it.

When I reminded her of my promise to cut her hair off the next time she tried cutting her own hair and she burst into tears. "I forgot!" she wailed. Yeah, that's probably what the Israelites said, too. But God and Mom keep their promises to do good and to bring punishment.

After we got home from CBS, L sat on our high dining room chair and I cut all her hair as short as the shortest cut she had made. As I was cutting, I warned her that she had to keep her head still or I might mess up. She ducked her head one too many times just as I snipped and she ended up losing another inch of length to fix that.

Thankfully, her hair is still long enough for a bun for dance...if I use enough hair gel and bobby pins. Between the threat of losing her spot on the dance team and the knowledge that I will followthrough with my threat to punish her, hopefully she will remember to not cut her hair.

Surely this time, right?


Heather said...

It sounds as if dog grooming or hair stylist is in her future, with her love for scissoring. Get a poodle, and she will never touch scissors again!

Heather said...

Her hair doesn't look bad at all, but, L, on the other hand looks as if she is ready to burst into tears.