Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Wedding - part 1

As you know, my brother got married a week ago. My little brother. My only brother. The one who was born when I was 10. The bonus baby. The one my sisters and I made up silly songs for and danced around the house with. The one we held over the trash can threatening to throw him away. The one who now towers over the rest of us by many inches. The one who called before 8am the first morning he knew I was back in Texas asking if I'd come over and see his new apartment.

This is Aaron. He looks JUST LIKE ME.

The week before the wedding was busy. We went swimming with my sister and her boys and went out to see her new house, too. We had lunches with family and lunch with friends. We went to my cousin's baby shower. Hey, I didn't say it was ALL about the wedding. We did do some shoe shopping and baking and cleaning because there were lots of family of friends descending on my parents' house. My dad also took a few bridal portraits early in the week and I helped a little with that. Then he spent the rest of the week trying to get them printed to the right size and quality.

This is my brother's new wife, Theresa. She's so pretty and had an amazing dress.

The day before the wedding we all met at the church early to do the decorations. K&L were a tremendous help, then my aunts showed up and whisked them away for an afternoon of being spoiled rotten. Aunt Teresa and Aunt Deborah brought them back for the rehearsal that evening, then took them back out to Aunt Teresa's house for a night of swimming, pizza, and ice cream. I love my mom's sisters (and so do my girls!).

The rehearsal went smoothly, then it was off to the rehearsal dinner where the nicest restaurant in Terrell, TX, had simply never put the event on their calendar.A party of almost 40 people showed up claiming to have reserved the basement (where the lights were off) and no one there was expecting us. Supposedly the woman who had taken the reservations and was supposed to have made all the arrangements simply went of town without doing any of it. The owner was called and he was livid. The restaurant did scramble to do everything possible for us (the "custom menus" were hastily printed on the back of sheets from a procedure manual!) and all the guests were incredibly patient and accommodating. On the bright side, many of the guests had come in from out of town and other states and there was now plenty of uninterrupted time to catch up with family and friends. So in spite of a less than desirable start, it all ended well.

Next up is a photo-heavy post of the actual wedding day.

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