Thursday, August 27, 2009

It doesn't pay to be shy

My house is all clean all at the same time. Did you hear that?

ALL clean!

ALL at once!

We're having our 1-year walk-through at 8 in the morning and so the whole thing had to be clean, so that was my project for the week. Thanks to a little help from Mr. at Home and the girls, we got it all down.

Tonight, rather than mess up my beautifully clean kitchen, we headed out to a little diner down the street. Instead, we changed the plan when we passed a place we've both wanted to try *AND* we noticed that they have a little playground right outside. We had some yummy mexican food and the girls had a blast on the playground running around with another group of kids they met there.

As hubby and I sat watching the kids, I noticed women heading up a nearby staircase.

They were carrying bags and boxes of what looked like craft supplies.

They were heading to a bead store.

Could it have gotten any more interesting?

I headed up the stairs, but the store hours said it was closed and I didn't want to go barging in if it was a private event. So I went back and Mr. at Home was encouraging me to go in or at least stop one of the women going in to ask what was going on. I didn't want to interrupt anyone and they were all moving pretty quick with full hands. Mr. at Home was intent on helping me out, though, and he took off up the stairs to ask for me.

He came back with the info that it was a meetup of the Altered Book Club. Out came my trusty iPhone and a quick search said it was an artsy papercrafting club.



Arts! Crafts!

That was all I needed to know so I hightailed my own little hiney up those stairs and barged in on their party. I introduced myself and met the leader and a couple of the ladies. I got to see a few of the projects some of the ladies have been working on (awesome cool artsy stuff) and I got myself invited to next month's meetup.

And it was all because I got over my little bout of shyness and dove right in.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty subversive to me. I think it's how the IRA got started. Michael Collins was a closet crafter.