Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lessons for L

We are in week 3 of school. 12 lessons complete so far. 12 chances to L to learn how this whole "school" thing works. 12 days of watching her teacher on streaming video. 12 days of completing worksheets, singing songs, making letters with playdough, and memorizing poems and verses. 12 days to learn one very important lesson.

Don't get ahead of the teacher.

Listen. Follow instructions. Watch to see what she does. And, most importantly, don't get ahead of the teacher!

Today the kindergarteners did a little project where they made a little book. I was cleaning the bathrooms when L started this class and I didn't know she was there already. She came bouncing in saying she needed help, so I followed her to her little table. Where she had cut out the circles from the pages that were supposed to make a book.

I explained that was NOT the directions she had been given. We went back and watched the lesson where the teacher clearly said to cut out only the one circle on the different looking page and then color the rest of the pictures. The part about "cut out the circle" was far more interesting and exciting to L than the next many minutes where the teacher showed an example of the finished project and explained how to color the different pictures. She just picked up her scissors and started cutting. And kept cutting. Completely ignoring her teacher.

As a result, L's project was ruined. We had a talk about what she did wrong, what she should have done instead, and how she needed to change her behavior so it didn't happen again. L then had to sit through another class where they finished the project, a visual reminder of what happens when she stops listening and does her own thing. L is very smart with great fine motor skills and so she thinks this kindergarten thing is easy so far. Now she's got to learn the other lessons in kindergarten. Like don't get ahead of the teacher.

On a more positive note, we finally got L's dance stuff straightened out. She is going to be taking 2 classes this year - Acro (where they learn flips and cartwheels and stuff) and Cheer Dance (where they learn dance moves *plus* get to use pompoms!! Oh the excitement!) Mommy's excited because she has a whole hour and a quarter free every Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Is the video teacher "live" or "on demand"? Can you download and save for future use? I find the concept of distance learning for home schooling to be very interesting.