Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why yes, I am crazy

Summer is quickly slipping away from me. I sat at the pool with a friend yesterday discussing our lives and schedules and plans when I got hit the realization that my free time is almost over.

How did this happen?

This weekend we're going to GA.

In 2 weeks, K will be gone to camp and Mr. at Home will be away on business.

In 3 weeks, the girls and I will be in TX and Mr. at Home will be away on business.

In 4 weeks, my sister and her family may be visiting.

In 5 weeks, we start school.

The only week we have left for playtime is next week. But because I am a nutcase, I decided that there is one project that I need to get done before school hits. One BIG project.

This school year is our first with two real, official, actual grade levels in the house. L will be doing kindergarten on video. It will involve lots of singing and noise and won't take very long. K will be doing 4th grade, which will involve lots of reading and worksheets and she is easily distracted and aggravated by noise. As of right now, L will do her school in the craft room at the back of the house. K will start her work at the dining room table where I can help and explain, then she'll take the rest of her stuff to her room. This means she will need her own room with her own desk. I had plans to provide those at some point this fall, but it seems to make sense to have it in place before we start school.

Which means it has to happen next week.

This week we went to Home Depot and flipped through design books. L liked every girly decor scheme in the book but went into raptures over a pink and purple glamorous movie star room. K, however, went through two books and let out annoying sighs periodically. She got frustrated and picked up a book of playhouses.

And fell in love.

I had to nix the idea of building a fort in her room. Or a clubhouse. Or a playhouse. Then how about a tent? A teepee? The child finally agreed on something we can do - a backyard theme complete with birdhouses and a tree painted on the wall. We picked up wooden birdhouses at the craft store and decorated them with paint and scrapbook paper. They look awesome. We cleaned the room out today and K picked out a pretty sky blue for the walls. Tomorrow I need to finish the taping and get the walls painted. Then we'll see about a tree.

Oh I may gripe and complain that I have too much to do, but I live for all this decorating stuff. Its so much fun to design and figure out how to make it all work without spending a ton of money. K's room should come together pretty quickly, then L and I will do hers the following week when we're here alone.

Then I'll swear that I'm not doing anything else for at least a year. Or maybe just until 2010. Unless I see something I really want to do. Then maybe I'll just paint a wall. Or a room. Or maybe do a faux finish.

Because I just can't help myself.


Anonymous said...

You and Nancy: birds of a feather!

Valerie said...

Sounds awesome!! Wanna come up here and do my kids room?? What a great idea, the bird houses!! Can't wait to see pics of the finished project! We will won't we?? :o)