Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This week I've...

...taken the cat to the all night animal emergency room. There's a small window way above the front door. Shortly after we moved in, the cat figured out that she could take a flying leap off the loft wall into that window sill. She liked to hang out there and we didn't know how she managed to stay on that little ledge and get back and forth. Well, very late Saturday night, she missed and made a crazy, skittering fall to the hardwood floor 2 stories below. It's actually not the first time she's fallen that far, but it is the first time she made such an uncontrolled descent. As of Sunday, Tinker is sporting a bright red cast for a broken ankle and she is the most pathetic thing you have ever seen - moping, hiding in small spaces, and laying on the floor with her cast stuck in the air while she stretches her neck out to her food bowl. Now that she's done with the pain meds, she seems to be perking back up. A little. I think she's milking this for all its worth, the drama queen.

...taken 3 children to the teacher store, where they behaved so badly we had to leave after 5 minutes. I took them to McDs to run off some energy, then to the dollar movies.

...taken the girls to Carowinds where they rode one roller coaster and spent the rest of the afternoon in the various pools and water slides.

...taken the girls to Apple Camp, where even L got to attend at the last minute. The learned how to take photos, edit them, create a slideshow, and burn it to DVD. It was awesome and I even learned a few new things.

...taken the girls to Target where we bought the last few things K needs for camp next week and both the girls got the few school supplies they needed - folders, notebook, pencils, paper, etc. L got a Barbie backpack that she is so proud of!

...taken K to the orthodontist. She has to have a baby tooth pulled to make room on the *other* side of her mouth for the adult teeth. Her mid-line is being pushed over since she's only losing the teeth one side.

And tomorrow I ain't "taken" no one nowhere. In addition to all our running around, I've also been busy at home. K's new room is painted, decorated, and put back together. It looks amazing, I must say. The only things left are to swap the closets and eventually to put in a new loft bed and desk. Those will have to come later since we spent the price of the bed/desk on that spiffy red cast the cat is sporting. I also got two surprises finished for some folks back in Texas.

Between now and Saturday I have to...

...move all K's stuff to her closet and move all L's stuff out. laundry.

...label everything K is taking to camp in permanent marker.

...write 4 notecards to send with the camp counselors for daily "mail call".

...get everything cleaned, organized, priced, and hauled for the church yard sale Saturday morning. If you're near Matthews, there are two sales to raise money for charity - Carmel Baptist and Christ Covenant. You need to go! I'll be there all morning.

...get a supply of small bills and change for the yard sale.

...set a date for a joint baby shower and send a "save the date" email. Due dates are fast approaching!

...get K packed for camp.

...take the girls to the pool at least once.

And I'm sure there are a few more things that will come up.

But I'm ready. Bring it on.

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