Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's just overwhelming

As I sat down tonight to watch the last mile of the Tour de France recap, I had a sudden startling realization of everything I need to get done in the next two days. And I wanted to cry. Or maybe just go hide under my bed.

This morning I took Mr. at Home to the airport and L and I ran errands. Remember that I promised to get her room redecorated and there were still a couple of things I needed for that. Plus my cousin back in Texas is having her first baby and I wanted to get her a gift. I knew exactly what I wanted, went to order it online a couple of days ago, and was floored by the price. So I'm making the exact same thing.

By lunchtime, the errands were done and I had developed a splitting headache. A horrible, nasty, debilitating headache. Tylenol, quiet, caffeine, allergy meds - nothing helped. I had to take the cat to the vet, then we came home and I sent L upstairs to watch a movie while I took a nap. That *finally* killed the pain, but I had lost the whole afternoon.

Honestly, I've gotten a lot done already. The wedding gift for my brother and his bride and the house-warming gift for my sister have been procured and are ready to go. My outfit for the wedding is bought and the laundry is done. All of our appointments and errands have been run and the calendar is empty for the next two days. Everything I need to finish L's room is on hand and I even got the walls rolled tonight (it's a very...strong shade of lilac that is awesome).

I need to finish L's room enough that she can sleep in it, finish the baby gift, clean house, get the oil changed, line up someone to cat-sit while we're gone, pack, make a photo back-up to store at my parents' house, and figure out what I'm forgetting. Oh, and take L swimming in the morning.

Because there is still a lonely 5-year-old in the house who was very patient with my headache today.

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Jess said...

Why don't you burn your to-do list and come over for coffee?

And, also...Why is it so easy to feel so overwhelmed? I completely understand.


p.s. I forgot business cards. I needed them. YOU WERE RIGHT - OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!