Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where you will find the rednecks do on a hot April afternoon

One recent Saturday morning we piled into our car and headed to K's softball game. It was a morning of civilized, all-American fun - pigtails, root beer, a thrilling game with a big rally on our girls' part to pull off an amazing win at the last minute, and snow cones for the winners.

Doesn't she look so wholesome and innocent?

As soon as the game was over and with snow cone in hand, we got back in the car and headed down country lanes to our friends' home back in the woods. We parked alongside a few other vehicles and made our way over to this.

What IS that?

That is a contraption only a country boy can build and was made for the express purpose of hanging a whole pig over a large fire so that it can slow roast to pure pork perfection.

Since Cousin Swine was not quite ready for dinner, the girls were directed to the back of the yard where they were to take a right at a certain large tree and follow a rough path down to the creek where the other children were playing.

Now I was expecting a small creek with copious amounts of mud. Nope, this was a real, true body of water.

Soon K had her shoes off and was gingerly making her first foray into a backwoods creek. It wasn't long before she was splashing and screaming with the rest of the kids. The Princess L, however, stood quietly on the side of the creek and was not putting one foot into that muddy water, no way, no how.

It was a fabulous afternoon filled with friends, laughter, country music, and more food than an army could have eaten. And just in case you might have forgotten that this was a redneck gathering, this was a favorite play spot.

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