Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Low Cost Master Bath Decoration

The blahness of our master bath weighed heavy on my mind. You know, once every blue moon when I actually noticed. It was one of those "I'll get around to it eventually, but no one else ever sees it, so it's at the bottom of the list." I love to decorate, as Mr. at Home will tell you, but I'm not allowed to start painting until after the 1-year walk-through. I had a vague sense of the style and color scheme I wanted to use in the bathroom, but I was lacking motivation.

Then I saw a shower curtain on the clearance endcap of my favorite Target. It was the perfect colors. The perfect style. Who cared if I don't need a shower curtain in the master bath; this was the inspiration!!

The shower curtain found its way into my cart along with a couple of inexpensive towels in a matching color. The master bath redo was ON!

The perfect master bath obviously needs the perfect piece of artwork. An original in just the right colors and just the right style and at just the right cheap price. So I took myself off to my favorite Cajun Canvas and I happened to be the only person who came for the class. So the owner, Karen, and I pulled out that perfect shower curtain, went through all of her painting options, and came up with a brand new painting just for my bathroom. Well, not JUST, as you too can paint your own copy of this fabulous painting on Wednesday, June 3rd. I just saw that she named it "V's Daisies". Gosh, I love Karen. Isn't it beautiful?

Remember that I said my master bath didn't need a shower curtain? And then I went and bought one anyway? Well, I cut that shower curtain a little shorter and into two pieces, I hemmed the raw edges, and I added a wide purple ribbon to the bottom. A curtain rod and some little clip hangers turned that shower curtain into the perfect covering for the bubble glass window. I even got a little crazy and sewed more of the ribbon onto the towels, turning cheap-o into awesome.

My bathroom needed more storage space, so I finally got an etagere (that's a fancy name for the cabinet that goes over the toilet). My friend Ikea provided these great storage containers where I can sort and easily see all my little things that belong in the bathroom as well as the crocheted baskets to which I added yet more purple ribbon.

For the last touch, I put up these little ledges to take up this blank, boring wall. When I was trying to figure out what to *put* here, I took another blogger's advice to "shop" my own house. I had another little basket and I had bought the tiny vases, but I stole the flower from another arrangement, the greenery was leftover from an old project, and the picture frame had been stored away since we moved last year. I am going to find a newer picture for it, but the old one works for now.

(Even though those ledges look like they're canted at crazy angles, trust me and my laser level, they really are straight.)

Now, I think I'm off to enjoy a bath in my newly amazingly beautiful bathroom.


Nancy said...

Looks great Valerie!

Will Stranathan said...

ZOMG! I just realized the purple ribbons on the shower curtain and the towel are at exactly the same height. I would tell you how much I love it, but I have to go make sure that all the screws in the light switches and power sockets are all turned the same way.

Anonymous said...

Great painting! I downloaded it and use it for my wallpaper on my iPhone.

Valerie said...

Beautiful!! I love it!!