Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick update on the schoolwork situation

K has been diligently working on all the schoolwork she skipped. There is still much to be finished, but she's completed a very large stack. I've also stayed on top of her regular daily work - checking every answer, requiring extra copying of spelling words, and making her correct every mistake.

Do you want to know the difference it has made?

Today I graded her latest stack of tests and quizzes. She made six 100s, a 91, and a B+.

Looking over my gradebook, the past few weeks have brought Bs and Cs up to As and Bs. There are fewer incorrect answers on her daily work. K's handwriting is smaller and neater. She has not once asked to watch TV and she's generally pretty good about sitting down at the table and working through her papers without being reminded. She's been less irritable and more interactive.

It's made a huge difference.

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Anonymous said...

Good girl, K! I knew you had it in you!
Uncle Buddy