Friday, May 27, 2011

Where Grandma is recruited to do a little work

My parents have come to visit and I always like to have a little project going on. Sometimes, they're even planned. Like "let's paint the loft!" Sometimes, they just happen.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the fabric store and purchased supplies to make the girls each something. They flipped through the pattern books and waffled over their favorites. They dragged me from one side of the store to the other looking for the perfect fabric. We raced through to find the necessary notions before the store closed. I took it all home with the plan to get it done the week before my parents arrived.

It didn't happen.

That meant that when my parents arrived, a large bag sat in the dining room waiting. I finally got around to cutting out the patterns, then asked my mom if she'd like to help sew. She does love to sew, after all, and is the one who taught me. She readily agreed and I allowed her to pick whichever one she wanted. She grabbed to pretty flowered fabric on top, which was L's outfit.

I was kinda hoping she'd pick the other one as K had chosen a fancy top made of shiny crepe with a frill and ruching, which seemed intimidating. But it turned out to be easy.

L's outfit, though marked as "easy", had a top with a balloon skirt, there were pleats and gathers, 3 different fabrics, and it turned out that the pattern instructions were terrible. I'm happy that one got left to the expert. While I made K's shirt and L's shorts, Mom wrestled with that top, arguing with the instructions out loud and doing things her own way. In the end, she won the fight and L has an awesome new outfit.

Isn't it cute? Thanks, Mom! Yes, it is supposed to be a top and shorts, but it turned out long enough for a dress. (I'm glad we didn't make the "dress" length.)

I haven't gotten K to pose in her new shirt yet. She promised to wear it Sunday, so I'll try to catch her then.

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