Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful AND smart AND athletic

It was a very busy weekend.

I know organizations want to get everything in before Memorial Day weekend and school getting out, but they always end up packing it all in on the same weekend. Wednesday, I started feeling the beginnings of a sore throat. Thursday saw some final errands and my parents arriving before K had a softball game that night. Thankfully, their win that night meant that she wouldn't have any games on Saturday. I also went to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't strep. It wasn't. Just a nasty cold that I would have to power through. Friday was L's dress rehearsal for her year-end recital, then early to bed.

Saturday morning, the alarm went off at 5:22. Actually 2 or 3 alarms went off because I *had* to get up. K and I got dressed quietly and quickly and headed out before 6am, toward a local university for our area Science Olympiad. The rest of the morning was devoted to three events that K and her partner were competing in. They felt they did well in a technical writing event and a physics event, but they were fuming over an event called Secret Structures where the rules stated they would build a bridge or a tower, but they ended up having to construct a ramp with inadequate materials and *no one* could build one that met the requirements. They felt cheated and angry, but they did admit that they felt their ramp was the best in their group. After they finished their events, I left K with her partner's mom and headed back across town for the next event of the day.

L's first recital was at 3pm and I'll put together a post focused on her next, but this post is for K. All during the recital, I kept my phone out because K was supposed to text me with the results. L was in two dances, but during the others, I kept a close eye on my phone. K texted that they hadn't won anything in their first event. Then nothing in another. Then she sent me a text that they had won 2nd in Secret Structures! The one event that frustrated them, that they couldn't achieve the goal, that's the one they nailed. It's a big deal as it's the first year they've allowed homeschool teams and so the first year this team has existed and there were 33 schools and groups involved.

Mr. At Home left the recital to pick up K, then took her home with a headache while the rest of us stayed through the second recital. A late dinner out finished the evening and we all came home and collapsed, because our weekend and our busyness wasn't over.

Sunday afternoon was the championship game for K's softball league. Her team sailed through the double-elimination tournament and stayed in the winner's bracket. That meant that they played the winner of the loser's bracket for 1st place. If they won, they got first. If they lost, they would play a double-header and the winner of the second game would win 1st place. It was terribly hot, sunny, and humid and everyone was hoping we'd get it won in the first game. We had 4 canopies, a big fan for the dugout, and coolers of water and cold bandannas standing ready.

We won the game 8-0.

Congratulations to K for her brains and her brawn!

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Heather said...

K looks like she has nice form while batting. Is she a power hitter?