Thursday, December 2, 2010

If you're hosting a Bible Study...

If you're hosting a Bible study, you have to spend the day before going.

1. Going to your own Bible study.

2. Going to lunch with great friends for one last time before the Christmas crazies start.

3. Going to the craft store with your friends.

4. Going back to the craft store because you need a couple more pieces of 1/2 off greenery to finish your Christmas decorating.

5. Going home and putting up the outside lights, letting the girls get all creative, because you really need to get the boxes out of the middle of your floor.

6. Going back inside and putting out the rest of the Christmas decorations.

7. Going to put the back seat back in the van to clear a space in your garage.

8. Going to put all the empty Christmas boxes in the garage.

9. Going back and cleaning the living room.

10. Going to dinner because the house is still in chaos.

11. Going to the scrapbook store and Target for stuff for the craft you're planning for the Bible study.

12. Going back home and cleaning the dining room.

13. Going to clean the kitchen.

14. Going to clean the craft room so you can find the supplies you already had for the craft.

15. Going to write a blog post, because you really need a break from all the going.

16. Going to make an example of your craft. You know, just to make sure it works like you think it will.

Good thing I'm not actually teaching this study.

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