Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bartering is alive and well

She had a pair of black fuzzy boots that didn't fit anyone in her family and a desire for some delicious baked goodie.

I had a desire for black fuzzy boots, the right-sized feet, and an ability to bake.

So we worked out a deal. One pair of black fuzzy croc boots in exchange for one dark chocolate coffee layer cake.

Oh yeah.

So I spent yesterday chopping *5* boxes (that's 2 and half *pounds*) of baking chocolate into teensy-tiny shavings and baking 2 of those dark chocolate coffee layer cakes. One for my friend and one for my husband who loves that cake, but never gets it. It's not a hard recipe, it's just time-consuming with ALL. THE. CHOPPING. I tried to use my food processor, but it just heated up, melted the chocolate, and jammed. Fun times.

I made the layers in the morning, then L had a Christmas party for her dance team, then our church had a candlelight service, so it was late before I made the frosting, which had to cool for 2 hours before it was thick enough to use. But at midnight last night I had 2 beautiful cakes sitting on my counter. And after church, we drove north to my friend's house where we completed our deal. Her family has an amazing cake and I have the perfect black fuzzy boots.

I think I got the best end of that deal. Happy birthday/Merry Christmas to me! Thanks, Barbara!

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