Monday, August 9, 2010

Wrestling Match in My Living Room

I got an email today from another raiser needing some puppy-sitting services. "Heck, what's one more," I thought. So I volunteered and tonight this was the scene in my living room.

Isn't he the cutest little thing? This is Charlie S. He's 12 weeks (I think) and is an absolute sweetheart. We met him Saturday at the pool party and L just cooed and loved on him. When I heard it was one of the newest additions to our group that needed sitting, I just had to bring him home, if only for a few days.

Cindy Jae was very excited to see a new puppy come waltzing through her door. I was a bit worried that she would be too aggressive, but she's been awesome. She is rather possessive of her toys, but she has shared some and she loved playing tug of war with her "squeaky". She'd grab it and pull Charlie around with it, but he was holding his own fairly well. When he'd get tired and wander off to find another toy, she'd follow him around and pester him until he'd play again.

I think it'll be a good experience for them both as they're getting along well so far. The girls have promised to be Charlie's caretakers and they are so excited to have him. The cat was not quite as excited to see yet another one of those smelly, slobbery things in the house, but she'll survive. It was so funny to watch the puppies play together tonight. It was interesting that neither dog barked or made any real noises except a few quiet growly noises from Charlie when he got really excited. You really can teach a dog not to bark. There were even a few moments when Cindy Jae let Charlie think he won.

But just for a moment.

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