Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some of the cool stuff about homeschool

We're (kinda) officially 2 weeks into our new school year. That's the weird thing about homeschooling. There's all kinds of learning going on all the time so it's hard to pinpoint which days are "school" and which aren't. If we only count days we use actual worksheets, we're on day 7. So maybe we'll just say we're officially in our second week of school.

This week and next are shaping up to be really cool weeks. I'm digging the KONOS curriculum, but I'm just really using it as science and reading right now as the topics were hearing last week and sight this week. Last week we drew and learned that parts of the ear, did a couple of experiments, watched a couple of movies, played a few games, and read a few books on topics like the myth of Echo and Narcissus, Helen Keller, and remembering things that we see and hear.

This week (and some of next) we're learning the parts of the eye. Kate read some things and did a drawing of the structure of the eye. On Friday, our wonderful optometrist is going to be a guest teacher. He is doing L's eye exam and has promised to explain everything and show the girls what he's doing and what he looks for. He'll even show them see the inside of L's eyeball on a computer screen.

And then sometime between now and next Tuesday, a mysterious package will arrive in the mail.

And then some homeschooling friends will come over and we'll gather around the table and open the mysterious box.

And out will pop TWO EYE BALLS!!!!

We'll spend our afternoon slicing open cow eyeballs to see with our own two eyes what all the stuff inside looks like. Yep, it promises to be a rip-roaring, laughing good time.

Now, don't you wish you homeschooled?

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