Thursday, June 24, 2010

An uber-productive day

This morning I woke up at 7am. And laid in bed thinking about how I could sleep for another 45 minutes and still get my morning plans done. So I snuggled back down...closed my eyes...and...couldn't turn off my to do list. Decided that I may as well get started and got up.

The girls were already up (naturally), watching Shrek 2 (naturally, for the bajillionth time this week), and I made them get started cleaning the garage. After all, it was going to be 98 bajillion degrees today and I wanted to get it done before we reached the boiling point. Most of the stuff laying around the garage was theirs anyway and I didn't feel the need to clean up their lazy mess.

I had my own lazy mess to clean up.

By 9am (that's early in the morning), the garage was clean and swept, the dog and cat were taken care of, L was dressed for dance class with a swimsuit and clothes in her dance bag, K and I were dressed with our swimsuits on, K's softball gear and the pool bag and a huge amount of stuff for Goodwill was packed in the car, and we were on our way to dance.

It was a miracle straight from God.

L spent her morning practicing pirouettes and "peek throughs" (that's a particularly disturbing move where you lay with your chest on the floor and your back curved so that your caboose is hovering over your head and your feet are flat on the floor so you can "peek through" them. It would put most people in traction. Someday I'll take a picture of my little Chinese acrobat doing it). K and I delivered our goods to Goodwill and hit up Target for lunch supplies. Curiously, most of the shelves were empty due to a power outage yesterday and they lost the vast majority of their refrigerated foods. It was sad. Especially since we all ended up with salads from the deli, one of which came topped with goat cheese.

Goat cheese.

We picked up L and went to a consignment store in search of cheap dance shoes. There was nothing in her size, so I sucked it up and went across the shopping center where I bought some new ballet slippers. She can use those for all her technique classes this summer and I'll just have to keep checking the consignment stores for the right sizes in tap and jazz shoes.

An afternoon picnicking and swimming with friends ended with us meeting Mr. at Home at softball practice in his kicky new car, then L and I made the drive back to the dealership to pick up the garage door opener we left before stopping at the grocery store for emergency supplies (eggs, bread, Diet Dr. Pepper).

Did I mention Mr. at Home got a new car yesterday? He was driving a 16-year-old Camry and it was in need of new shocks and struts and I forget what all, but it was going to cost way more than the car was worth to fix it. So when it began to feel like the wheels were really about to come off, we wobbled it over to our favorite dealership and took advantage of a fabulous deal on a little car that will be perfect for what he needs - a red Kia Rio. Thankfully, K really likes it and Daddy has already said that in about 6 years, it can be her "new" car. Daddy will just have to teach her to drive a stick shift 'cause Mama cain't.

That's the news from the "at Home" household. Tune in next time for another exciting episode of what the average suburban stay-at-home-mom does on these long hot summer days.

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