Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drive-by blog posting

After Carowinds and softball practice in the 900 degree heat, we crashed into bed last night. It was the most exhausted I have felt in ages.

Then we got up obscenely early for a summer Saturday and we headed back to the ball fields armed with sunsceen and a cooler full of drinks for the first 2 games of this weekend's all star tournament. Mr. at Home's brother even made the 3 hour drive up from Georgia to watch the games (thanks, Uncle Howard!!!).

The girls got off to a sluggish start. It was early, 1260 degrees outside with high humidity, and we played the most formidable team in the league. Their coach was a total jerk to everyone, but his players were very involved in the game. Ours looked like we were forcing them to endure some strange form of torture. As a result, our team was squashed and we moved onto game 2.

The popsicles the girls had between games seemed to contain some magic potion for relieving the doldrums and the girls were far more ready for the second game. We played well, one of our pitchers finally settled into a groove, and we even got a grand slam. Unfortunately, our pitching overall today left something to be desired and we lost the game by two runs.

Ah well, tomorrow's another day and *3* more chances to beat the 1450 degree afternoon heat and pull out a win.

On a good note, Cindy Jae is out of confinement - finally!! We celebrated with an outing to PetSmart for a new bone to help her remember to chew on her own toys and not the Wii remote. Then to Target for more bottled water and sunscreen. She behaved exceptionally well for someone who hasn't seen much except the inside of our house for several weeks.

It's my turn to take a shower and get uniforms and t-shirts washed for another round tomorrow. It's a good thing I love softball!

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