Thursday, February 18, 2010

February can go away now

At the end of January, I got sick.

Diagnosis: Sinus infection.

1 round of augmentin. I feel better.

10 days later, augmentin is gone and the sick is back. Worse. Much worse.

4 pills of biaxin later, I decide that the horrendous allergy outbreak is due to the antibiotic and so I stop it. The sick and the hives both die down.

Then the sick is back. Even worse.

It took until almost 11 today to feel okay enough to drag myself out of bed and to the doctor.

I love this doctor. He gave me three prescriptions, including the strongest antibiotic on the market, and a steroid shot.

I have officially rejoined the land of the living. Praise. the. Lord. Because life doesn't stop even when mommy's sick.

Since starting the meds at lunchtime, I have taken the little one shopping for some warm weather clothing, let the dog and the little one play outside in the beautiful warm sunshine, swept, mopped, did lots of laundry, took the little one to dance, played catch with the big one, took them both to dinner, then took the big one to softball evaluations (so they can set the teams evenly) and took the dog with us, came home to more laundry, and now I can finally sit and rest. Tomorrow is housecleaning and and planning to have our new pastor and his family over for lunch after church Sunday. Saturday is a pancake breakfast, a puppy training session, and maybe gumbo at a friend's house.

Next week is getting ready for a trip down to Florida for the guide dog school's annual fundraiser. It's a big walkathon and there will be lots to see and do. We get to tour the school where Cindy Jae is from and where she will go for her training. We get to play with the puppies that are there. We can even do a blindfold walk with a fully trained guide dog. It'll be so good to see what Cindy Jae will be able to do if she succeeds. A bit of motivation to keep things in perspective the next time she wakes me up at 4:30am because she puked in her crate.

AND we'll get to see my aunt who lives in FL.

All I can say is this medicine had better work!

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