Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cindy Jae at the Zoo

Cindy Jae is finally starting to mature and settle down.

A bit.

We had a long group training session on Saturday and we confirmed that she is the most high-energy, stubborn puppy among them. BUT she also did much better than I expected. By the end, she was down-right compliant - listening and following commands with just a reminder or two. So I decided that more long training days were in order.

To that end, I checked the weather and found it was supposed to be a cloudy and cool kind of morning, but the warmest day this week. Which is perfect weather to enjoy an outside adventure without having to fight crowds, so off to the zoo we went - L, Cindy Jae, and I. After all, where can you encounter so many different sights, sounds, and smells in one place that's fun to visit?

The zoo people let us in without trouble and we went off in search of the new baby koala. Cindy Jae got lots of attention, but mostly from zoo personnel since there weren't many visitors and they were kind enough to stay back.

We went to the reptile house and aquarium where there were lots of different floor surfaces and temperatures in addition to all the sounds, sights, and smellss. Cindy Jae did very well, even when I had her sit-stay and went to the end of the leash to take her picture in front of the big tank.

We rode the tram across the river to the botanical garden. L loves riding the tram.

Whereas Cindy Jae was a bit more cautious.

Even in February, there were some beautiful flowers blooming in the gardens.

And look! Another sit-stay!

Back at the zoo, we visited with the flamingos. I was so proud of her for not barking or carrying on at any of the animals. I mean, she's not *supposed* to bark or carry on, but you never know with a high-strung puppy.

Just before we left, Cindy Jae had settled in so well that we decided to do one more photo op near a family of lion statues by the entrance. And we had another successful sit-stay!

And another!

And then we got really ambitious. This was the moment I was proudest of my little Cindy Jae. She did the much hated down-stay! And she stayed! Down! In front of a huge lion statue! While I went to the end of the leash to take pictures!

Now that's what I call a highly successful day!

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Heather said...

Sounds and looks like you are doing a wonderful job with her!!