Sunday, February 22, 2009

When did she get so old?

For over a year , K has been talking about children's camp at church. When she was in *third grade* she could *go*! THIRD GRADE! GO!

The subject of camp came up again recently and the excitement level has been building. Last week we got the email that it was time to sign up for children's camp. We got the registration form and I checked the dates. 5 days.


When the heck did K get old enough to go away to another state for 5 days?

I even asked if she'd like me to go as a counselor, but Ms. Independent said only if I stayed with another group.

Weellll, okeedokee.

K is duly signed up and is planning to save her money for snacks and t-shirts and is already mentally packing her bags. Thank goodness the dates are just barely early enough that it doesn't conflict with our trip to Texas for my brother's wedding. *That* would've been a tragedy!!

1 comment:

Jess said...

i know. i got that email and i thought, "WHAT!" - in ONE year, jon-david is old enough to go away?

i'm not ready.

good luck.

we'll do coffee when she goes.