Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I'm still not back in on-line land

On Friday, we made the long, but surprisingly pleasant, drive back to NC. The girls slept some, watched movies, and were generally quiet and calm. I crocheted a scarf for K's new doll and a hat for myself (finally! something to fit my big head!) and no one got sick.

On Saturday, we slept in, Mr. at Home pulled out his new (borrowed) banjo and practiced while the girls and I headed out to spend the gift cards that were burning a hole in their pockets. L picked out 2 new outfits for her big doll and a ferris wheel for her tiny dolls. K paid all of her money toward a new bike - a Mongoose BMX bike (in the shade known as "orchid" with BLACK TIRES, not those silly girly white ones) and she is already planning all kinds of tricks to perform. Two very enthusiastic girls send out their never-ending thanks to their Aunt Deborah and Uncle Phil and Aunt Shirley.

We picked up our cat from the boarder and she has been VERY happy to be back home. They took good care of her, but nothing's better than a whole house to run around and a new satiny comforter to stretch out on (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

Saturday night was spent at our friends' house playing RockBand and hanging out. They bought us a deep-fryer, which is awesome. I made them promise to come over for New Year's Eve to enjoy all things deep-fried.

Sunday morning, I woke up sick as all git-out with something mucousy that has settled into my head and chest. I dragged myself to church for a great service, but I picked up some medicine on the way home and have spent the rest of the day in bed. I'm so grateful that Mr. at Home has risen to the challenge of taking care of both the girls and me.

I'm also grateful that it's been 4 hours and I can take more medicine.

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