Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going to school

We're down here in Texas, visiting the grandparents who both work at the local elementary. K loves coming to visit Grandma and Grandad, but she also loves that she gets to visit the school. The past couple of times we've been out here, K has gotten to spend the day in a classrooms of teacher friends Grandma works with.

Last night she was so excited that she couldn't sleep because today she was going to be a student at a REAL school! She had her "standardized dress" clothes all ready and this morning she got dressed and headed out with Grandma and Grandad to REAL school. She spent the day in the 4th grade classroom of an experienced (old), energetic (still teaching so she must be energetic), enthusiastic (slightly eccentric, but very fun) teacher. K took a math benchmark test, which she supposedly scored very well on (pretty good for a 3rd grader), and was given a part in the class production of High School Musical II. K *loved* everything about her day.

Tonight, I put together a teacher Christmas gift to thank her for letting K come into her room and experience REAL school. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to go get a visitor badge at the local elementary and watch my daughter perform in her first ever school play. It's so exciting.

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