Saturday, September 1, 2007

What a well-dressed woman wears to the fair

We went to the local Labor Day weekend festival today. We went early this morning and rode on the float sponsored by our adoption home study agency. Actually, L and I rode wit me trying to keep her seated, K walked beside/behind handing out candy (because we might have hurt someone by throwing the candy from the float, for goodness sakes), and W waited for us from the sidelines, ended up on the wrong side, and chased down the float so he could get some pictures. It was an active morning for all of us :-)

After the end, we walked back up to the arts and crafts until the whining from both girls threatened to turn the parents into raging infernos, so we took them home, fed them, and put them to bed for naps. K has been sick with a cold and who knows what was wrong with L. They both spent some quiet time in their rooms and came out much happier, so we went back for the crafts, games, and rides this evening.

L came out of her room dressed to the 9s to go back to the festival. She wore a bow, necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, flower flip-flops, and carried a purse stocked with a compact wither her "pretend" make-up. She then won another necklace and even carried that purse around the whole time. What a girl!

Please also pray for K and her cold. It's really making her miserable and the poor girl is so rarely sick, it gets the best of her pretty easily.

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