Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Cool Thing for W

My husband, W, is a hacker.

An ethical hacker, lest anyone get the wrong idea. Of course, he did spend a few hours at the lock picking section of that big hacking conference he attended a few weeks ago, which is how he knew MacGyver couldn't possibly have picked that lock with one hand and one tool. It did make me sad to think that not *everything* they show in MacGyver can be done. After all, I may have a need to create a welding torch out of a racing bike, rust, and a couple of old pipes and who knows if it would really work?!?

In addition to W's highly successful blog, it looks like he's going to be co-teaching a college course on ethical hacking. Curiously enough, the university that couldn't transfer his credits so he could finish his degree there has asked him to be a professor. It's such a cool opportunity for W and I'm so excited for him.

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