Thursday, July 5, 2007

Out of the Fast Lane for a Moment

For the past month, we've been traveling, camping, visiting, entertaining, and just consumed with busyness! It has been a lot of fun, but I am so glad to get to a blank stretch in the calendar with days that I can devote to just...everydayness. It doesn't mean there's not stuff to do. I've got cleaning and entertaining the girls that must be done and the school stuff for next year must be organized and I've got to spend some time with the curriculum guides so I can get a handle on how things are organized.

We also have another big decision to make. We had started talking a couple of weeks ago about what we might like to do about where we live when our lease runs out around Christmas. I would *love* to move up to a 3-bedroom place so the girls will have their own space to play and get away from each other sometimes. Our apartment is pretty big, but the girls share a fairly small room and the only other play space is the garage. Separating the girls (which is necessary at times) is difficult because I can only send one to her room.

Our apartment complex has a section of "townhomes" and I asked what their general availability was the last time I was in the office paying rent. The woman in the office pulled up all the open 3-bedroom options and offered to let us look at them. So Tuesday, we picked up the keys and toured all 3, since it is a rare occasion that all the options are empty and available at one time. We loved the townhome, loved the loft, and hated the last one. When we turned in the keys, we asked about prices and their policy on moving between apartments. When we found out we could transfer at anytime without a penalty *and* that the loft is only a little more expensive than what we're paying now with a lot more room, then the question has come up about moving soon. So today, I'm getting a few more questions answered and we'll see where it all leads.

A friend of mine is unexpectedly moving this month to their dream place and she mentioned that she had been puzzled when her normally crammed calendar just stayed clear in July and August. Then she figured God had known better than she did that she would be busy enough with the move. It's a very rare occasion that I have a crammed calendar, but it is also odd that it's *so* empty for the next couple of months. Hummm...

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Hey-- great to see you here! I didn't know you had a blog! I will add you to my bloglines the next time I go in and update so I can keep checking back. Thanks for leaving me a comment and letting me know--