Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Added a pic of the girls

Yes, I should be cleaning/packing/purging, since we *did* decide to move into the 3-bedroom loft and it's going to be ready Friday! Eek! I figure that it's only on building over and we have a week to get everything over, so I'm not too worried. After all, we only have a few boxes to pack into, so I'm focusing on getting things clean and cleaned out. I tossed two large bags of toys, several large toys, and took more toys and clothes to the consignment shop/Goodwill today. The apartment is bigger, but we're giving up the garage, so there's a ton of outside stuff that had to be purged. Thankfully, the girls have been very cooperative in giving up things, but I am extremely grateful to a friend who watched the girls at her house yesterday so they don't know the full extent of the things that are gone :-) I doubt they'll ever miss any of it.

One of my packing procrastinating projects was to make the girls clothes from some ultra-cute material I found at Wal-Mart. It was already smocked and printed, so L got a dress and K got a top and all I had to do was put in one seam, a hem, and straps. I even had enough fabric to make kerchiefs for both of them. I had gotten rid of my sewing machine last year and replaced it with a tiny one from the homeschool yard sale, but it didn't come with the manual. I couldn't get the stinking think threaded, almost tossed it, then hubby suggested I look for the manual online. Oh yeah. And whaddya know? There it was! According to the manual, I was missing a tiny, invisible hole with my thread and that made all the difference. So thanks to Molly for selling the machine and hubby for helping me find the manual so I could put off packing for one evening.

I added a recent pic of the girls in their new clothes since someone mentioned that they hadn't seen any pictures of them in awhile. So here it is and I've got to get back to organizing my closet.

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