Thursday, August 22, 2013

I think I've got this all wrong

The small(er) one is off at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, which leaves me and (sometimes) hubby and the big(ger) one at home alone those days. Speaking of the smaller and bigger ones, L has grown tall for her 9-year-old self. No short Asians around here! And K hasn't grown much at all in the past year, which makes me think she might actually be done at 5'7 1/2". Which probably means that both of my children will always be shorter than me. Back to the Tuesday/Thursday thing. On Tuesday, I dropped L off for her carpool and then took myself to breakfast where I relaxed and wrote the previous blog post. I stopped and got groceries and spent the rest of the morning puttering around my kitchen where I made dinner and listened to music. While K was holed up in her room doing her schoolwork, I read a magazine and did my nails and just generally had a fabulous, relaxing day. Yep, this is the life, I thought, and I was already looking forward to Thursday. Today, I again woke up and took L to meet her carpool, then I came home and got right to work. Hubby was working from the office, so K and I created a playlist for the Sonos system and we rocked out to loud music while she did schoolwork and I painted the upstairs. For some reason, I just can't leave well enough alone. Instead of more relaxation and "me time", I decided yesterday that it was the perfect time to get around to that big painting project I had been planning all summer. The paint was waiting in the garage, the walls were looking dirtier than ever, and I actually had the time and energy and *need* to get it done. So out came the blue tape and the paintbrush and I got part of the hallway done last night - all the little walls around door frames that are ALL cutting in. And then this was my day today. - Prep and paint the larger hallway walls. - Look at the loft and decide to just keep going. - Move the TV and video game paraphernalia. - Prep and paint the half wall in the loft. - Decide that it's the perfect time to move the computer cabinet since hubby's not home to need wifi. - Move the computer cabinet. - Paint the wall behind the computer cabinet. - Well, I already have the roller out, so I should get as much of the window wall as possible without moving the couch. - Take down the blinds. - Prep and paint around the window and get most of that wall. - Get a text asking if I can pick up a friend's daughter. - Clean up and get in the car. - Grab quick lunch with really large drinks (painting and schoolwork is thirsty work!) - Pick up new paint color and more supplies. - Pick up L from school. - Pick up friend's daughter from summer camp. - Race home to change girls for afternoon activities. - Jump back in the car and go pick up another girl. - Deliver big girls to volleyball. (Other grandmother brought them home afterward.) - Go pick up yet another girl. - Deliver last 3 girls to dance. - Chat with moms during their short class. - Pick up Chinese on the way home. - Eat in blissful aloneness while the girls take their food to their rooms for their own downtime. - Go back upstairs and pull up all the blue tape and put the outlet and switch covers back on. - Vacuum where the furniture was and find lots of "lost" items. - Put all the furniture back against the freshly painted walls. - Pull all the furniture away from the last wall and a half left to be painted. - Decide that those last walls can wait until tomorrow! I guess I'm just not a sit and relax and be a lady of leisure type. Even hubby points out periodically that I have to *something* going on all the time. At least this something is useful and productive and will have the long-lasting effect of creating a lovely space for our family to hang out. And I love to paint, so it's a win all around. Then next week when I'm done, I'll take another relaxation day, then I'll probably be looking for another project.

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