Thursday, August 11, 2011

And....we're back!

Did you know I was taking the summer off from blogging?

Neither did I!

As I told someone this summer, if it doesn't have to do with right this minute, I can't even think about it. We went on the cruise (it was heavenly), came back and directed VBS (it was a HUGE fabulous undertaking), took off for a week of sun and dance in Orlando (rather more work than play), came back and sent K off to camp (she loved it) while I had a fun-filled few days with Lydia (she also loved it), then we started school. Now I finally have a few minutes to breeeeeeeeeathe.

Have I mentioned that I like the school schedule? The routine and (mostly) knowing what to expect each day mean that our lives run a little more smoothly. My goal is to get a few blog posts knocked out, write about our crazy summer, include some pictures for those who care, and just enjoy the act of writing again.

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