Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pictures from Mr. at Home

While the girls and I were out of town, one of our stops was in Natchez, MS, where we toured several antebellum homes. Outside of one home, a beautiful bush was in bloom and several of the large bright flowers had fallen to the ground. L was immediately in possession of these flowers, so I pulled out my hair clip and fastened a flower in her hair. She was de.light.ed. and I took a picture. I then used the clip to fasten a flower in K's hair for a picture, but L wasn't to be parted with her flower+clip for long and she wore it for the rest of the day.

I uploaded the pics when we got home and did just the most basic editing, but Mr. at Home started playing around with another photo editing program called the gimp. Using layers, masks, and wizardry, he turned a couple of cute photos into really neat photos.

Here's L with her flower.

And K with her lovely flower.

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