Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIfference of dress

Today was one of those days where we had to dress respectably and get out the door early. It was Community Bible Study morning and while you don't have to dress up, most everyone is dressed nicely, so we do as well. The girls were both turned out so well, and so characteristically, that I had them pose for pictures this afternoon to show you.

First on the porch is K.

A stop at the consignment store to look for dance shoes (didn't have what we needed) netted her this Justice shirt and jeans. Normally the shirt would have been waaaay overpriced (easily $40) at the Justice store, but we got it for $4. If the designers at Justice had set out to custom make a shirt to fit K's personality, this is what they would have created just for her - preppy, clean lines, colorful without being flashy. I really did custom make the hat for her and it's been constantly on her head since it was finished. (For $15, I can make you one, too, with your own style of patch.)

Next, I captured L and herded her to the porch for a few photos.

Her skirt was also a $4 consignment store find, but when we bought it, it was just a plain brown corduroy skirt. I have a friend who decorates skirts and jeans like this and sells them in boutiques. I think they're awfully cute and it looked easy enough, so I pulled some coordinating fabrics from my stash and within an hour had produced this. She loves that a)it's a skirt, b)it's pink, c)it has a ruffle, and d)it's a skirt. And I made the hairband, too, one morning in the car on the way to China Camp.

They are so different in their styles, but they're both pretty cute.


Heather said...

How do you find those bargains?
And I really like K's style. Kinda something Like I would wear.

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Wow, very cute!

Congrats on making it into the final 5 in the giveaway... yup, you are in the top five to win Rudy's giveaway!

Rudy's Raiser

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Beautiful girls!!! Is your daughter a Guangdong girl like my Liliana? They do look alike. :)