Sunday, January 31, 2010

It snowed!

Well, it's white anyway. I think it's mostly sleet, but it looks pretty.

My parents came into town for a visit and arrived on Friday, just ahead of the impending "TRIPLE THREAT!!" We picked up K from school (which she still loves by the way) and headed over to Wal-Mart to join the masses picking up essentials for the "TRIPLE THREAT!!" Essentials like redbox movies and red velvet cake mix and cinnamon rolls and that new bar thing that goes in the dryer in lieu of dryer sheets (it seems to work well). We stood in a really long line and headed home to hunker down for a couple of days because of the "TRIPLE THREAT!!".

I think the "TRIPLE THREAT!!" referred to snow, sleet, and freezing rain. I could be wrong.

Friday afternoon, the frozen stuff started falling from the sky. By the time I took Cindy Jae out for her last walk, the world was glittery white and the dog was so. very. excited. It took me awhile to make her remember that we were out there for one specific reason and could she please get it over with so I could go to bed?

Saturday morning, the white was even thicker. The girls bundled up and they went out with Grandma to play in the icy snow. I grabbed the good camera and the dog and we went out to get some pictures.

I started playing with the color and lighting effects on the photos.

I love this shot of Grandma.

L was a difficult subject as she didn't stand still long enough to get a good shot.

I got an excellent shot of K.

We didn't stay out too long, choosing instead to spend most of our day like this.

Games, snacks, movies, and reading all with the comfort of warm blankets and hot tea. That's my idea of how to spend a snow day.

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