Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, I'm a bowhead and you can be, too!

Over the Christmas holiday Tour of Texas, my oldest had the chance to be a "real" student in a "real" school. My mom asked one of her fellow teachers if she would be willing to have her precious, darling, intelligent, "bowhead" of a granddaughter in her class for a day or two.

What's a bowhead, you ask? A bowhead is one of those sweet little girls who show up to school everyday dressed in a cute dress with an enormous bow perched on top of her perfectly combed hair. She sits in the very front row, gazing with adoration at her teacher, and her hand is the one that shoots in the air before the teacher finishes asking a question. Yep, that's my girl. Except for the dress and bow thing. She's much too tomboy for that.

She did come by her "bowheadedness" honestly; she inherited it from her mother - a perfectionist, eager to please, quick to learn, horrified at the mere thought of getting in trouble. A girl who always wanted to answer the question, work the problem on the chalkboard, or be chosen to simply be *involved*. Funny how I never really grew out of that.

Now, both you and I have a chance to be involved in something HUGE! Amazing! Awe-inspiring! Something that will break your heart and inspire hope like nothing else.

I've posted about Compassion and the trips they have been organizing for various bloggers to go, see, and write about their work. As a result of that first trip, I sponsored a child in India named Nibha. Since that first trip, I have been dying to go on a trip and I've wanted so bad to go to India. Today, I was notified that the next Compassion blogger trip is to India!! I have submitted my blog for consideration and I'm reposting the link here for anyone else who'd like to try to go. If you're interested, go to and enter your blog info. Of course, if you get chosen and I don't, I won't promise not to stow away in your luggage.

I'll even pack a few bows.

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